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Hi! I am Silvia,

Catching Colour

It all starts with an inspiration and the desire to capture the beauty that the light paints. Many of my works are done from life. Either en plein air - outdoors - or with models in the studio.

I am currently focusing on imaginative composition work, where I develop paintings from imagination, which is my favourite thing to do.

Meet the artist

Girls & Birds

A continuing series. It all started with watching the elegance of flamingos and wanting to experiment some more with metal leaf. 

flamingo dancer, oil on linen copper and silver leaf, Silvia Ilona Klatt art

brother of Jackals and companion of owls.

available as limited edition print

Home to Norway

I'm back in Norway to settle for now. For how long, I don't know, but when the weather allows, I am painting some plein air, when not, I am in the studio working on a new body of figure works. I look forward to share with you more details on upcoming exhibitions. For now, drop me a message if you are curious or sign up for my newsletter.

Currently on the Easel