meet Silvia


My Story…

I am a classical trained artist in the Russian school of painting, currently finishing my studies in Florence Italy at the Florence Classical Art Academy.

Originally from the shores of north Germany I grew up on farmland, chasing winds and clouds and climbing trees. I've always had a creative and tender soul drawn to the beautiful things, but it took a while until I realised that being an artist is the essence of me.

My training detours took me first on volunteer work in youth and young adult ministry within Christian organisations, through which I vastly expanded my horizon by traveling the four corners and working in international cross cultural settings. I seem to have a Nomade within and I love combining traveling and painting. After living and working for five years in a creative Christian community on the Norwegian west coast I finally packed my bags and moved south to study painting. Florence has been an amazing eye opening experience for me. I used to be a self taught artist, but I hit my limits and making this decision of putting myself under Russian teachers has stretched and challenged me in so many good ways and I am happy for the artistic growth in which it resolved.

I am very curious where I am going creatively after school.

What inspires me most are people and their stories and skies and waters. My approach is a free and fast brushstroke and goes more into impressionistic realism.