Last Saturdays event: "Traumhaft" Vernissage

I had the pleasure to have a one day exhibition at my church this easter weekend. It was a lovely event and I am so thankful for all the visitors and the support!

It all started with a service I attended a month ago, where the story of the entrusted talents was taken very practical. Everyone received an envelope with 5- 50 Euro notes (given by an anonymous donor), with the task to use our gifts and invest this money. There was quite the lively chatter after this. I love this experiment!

So, I decided to have an exhibition and get to work. In my envelope, I found 20 Euros. I bought big cardboards to draw on and had about three weeks. My idea was, to ask people about their dreams and then portray them. It was such an interesting project and I really like the idea. I might continue with this theme. With the time pressure, it was not all, that I first had in mind, but I am still satisfied with what I managed to get out of it.


And here you can see, what I've been working on like a maniac the past weeks!