Investor Campaign update

Photo by Judith Stiens Photography.

Photo by Judith Stiens Photography.

Last Sunday I officially started my "investor campaign". One squarecentimeter of painting per invested Euro. Three Years of International Art Academy in Florence.
I've already had great responses and I am so grateful for those, who decided to join, those who shared my little video clip, those who "liked" it or feedbacked me on it. Thank you, for your support!!!

There is still a long road to go, but I am confident, that it will work out!

Once, I am a bit more sure of support, I can see, if I can rent a place to stay soon. Right now, I am just scouting the internet with the little Italian I have accquired so far. I am enjoying to continue to learn this language. Though I wont need to speak Italian to follow the lessons, since it will be in English and Russian, I would of course like to get into the culture and make local friends. And I want to learn as much as possible before I move in September, so that by then, it wont take too much of my energy.

I am still in Germany, working, creating, preparing until the middle of June. Then I am going to Norway for a summer job for two months. And afterwards it is finally time to move over the alps into beautiful Tuscuny.

To be able to save, I've been biking a lot lately, sometimes am hitch hiking and just trying tons of alternative and creative ways to put as much money to the side as possible. It is so true, that obstacles are possibilities to become more creative.

If you haven't seen my video yet, check it out!