composition of diploma work

I have started to work on my Diploma. Which will be a big compositional work. We are working on it on our own during this month and by February I have to present a bunch of my research and ideas to my professor and hopefully, he will be pleased and not disappointed...  

This last year here things seem to finally fall into place in my understanding for lots of things... I used to do so much just from intuition and now I am getting the why's. It's a process. 

so finally,  I am understanding composition more, but I already have to come up with the diploma. So I don't quite feel equipped. But with lots of things in life, you got to jump into cold water from time to time. 

with my trip to Malta I got the idea to do it on a biblical topic, which is the shopwreck of the apostle Paul on Malta. That story is in the book of Acts in the New Testament chapter 28. I'm quite excited about it. It will be a bunch of people from different fields of society and ethnicity shipwrecked on the beach. A bunch of bodies, characters, some drama. Wet and cold... in my head it's awesome, but to bring that on paper and then on canvas... we'll see how it goes. Well, I will keep you posted on the developments.


Random pile of my sketches to try to find a solution

Random pile of my sketches to try to find a solution