Final exhibition in Germany before take off

My time in Germany drew to a close. Long anticipated, somewhat dreaded and still coming way to soon, I am already sitting in Oslo, at "my" long missed home airport. After my wanderings it's been over a year, that I flew. I actually wanted to hitch hike back to Norway for the summer... but then I chickened out and found a super good deal with SAS, that convinced me to more ordinairy travel means. The culture shock is hitting me already in the face, but I expect to be over it once I am in Ålesund. Long layovers surrounded by the natives help ;)

Well, but back to Germany. I am so extremely thankful for these past months! This past weekend was the icing on the cake. I got to have another exhbition. This time, it was even crazier and I almost collapsed during the Vernissage, being extremely overworked and exhausted. Not quite the point. But some things are just worth it. With a lot of help from dear friends, it worked out and was really a great day. Thank you so much everyone, who participated.

Looking back on the past months, I cannot not be thankful. The whole year, I was able to stay with friends for free, I always had good people around me, always something to do and found random jobs that were just right for the moment. And I had my adventures. Driving a tractor to the Northsea, a random trip to Prague, a seriously random hilarious "hiking" trip to Ireland in January and another in Germany. Good company, challenges, time with God and bible studies, reflections and time and space to paint.

Now I am back in Norway for a summerjob. Before I will head down to Florence in September.