G I V E A W A Y for travel dreams

A Painting Give Away to send me to UGANDA!


I’m “giving away” this painting “BEYOND IT ALL No6” from my recent show. It is painted in oil on canvas and i used gold leaf. Size is 40x30 inches / 100 x 76 cm.

To be in the draw you can purchase entries by donating to my upcoming trip to Uganda!

Out of all entries the winner will be drawn at random on May 1st and I will ship this baby off to you, no matter where in the world you call home!

And this is what you are donating towards…

Some dreams just need to come into existence. I have often “too” many. Here are three that this money will go towards. Firstly I am looking to raise 2550 $ for number 1, an outreach trip to Uganda, anything that shoots over is going to dream 2 and 3.

  1. U G A N D A :: My friends, Tara and Clint Moseley, the founders of PR12 invited me to go with them on a trip to their project in Uganda in May, where they will be running a women’s conference, a local outreach and a visit to a women’s prison. Their project has a huge impact in the area and it’s amazing to see what they’ve done. They are changing a nation by raising up a hope filled, equipped generation. The school they are running is recognized as the best school in Uganda and their women’s project, Genesis project, is literally saving and transforming lives.

    For this trip we will be Firstly running a Women’s conference called “I Am Yours” for women from all different backgrounds where they will experience Jesus, worship, the gospel and healing. I will join them in ministering to the ladies. Secondly we are doing the “Bucket challenge” - door to door house visits in the community where we will also hand out buckets with life essentials. And thirdly, we will be visiting a women’s prison to speak to 1000+ women and their children.

    One amazing thing about PR12 is that it is all run on the ground by Ugandans and we will be able to encourage and pour into their local team. We will also get to speak to 100+ young leaders at a leadership meeting, get to preach at local churches and visit 250 women part of the Genesis project as well as being a part of their graduation day.

    I would LOVE to join the team and serve with them for this trip. Part of it is to see and learn from their work, but also to love on the locals and support and encourage what is happening there. I recently got to go with a team from SOSL (School of Supernatural Life), that I have been attending part time since September 2018, to South Africa. That time has again ignited my heart for Africa. Now this opportunity came up and I wonder if it will be possible to go. I feel very honored to have been invited and strangely confident, that this dream will become reality!

  2. A C R O S S T H E S T A T E S :: I had this dream for a while to travel and paint across the States in a van and this past November somebody actually gave me a van! Which is absolutely amazing! Still, for gas, insurance, food and materials I need some cash to keep this bad boy on the road. Right now it will probably turn into a tour with friends, where we will have actual worship concerts and painting events along the road. Lots of plein air and portraits will be painted in this time. And I can’t wait to share them with you!

  3. S E C O N D R O U N D S O S L :: I am going to do the second year of SOSL (school of supernatural life) here in Franklin, Tennessee. It’s been an amazing first year that has rocked my world in the best possible way and I can’t imagine not continuing now. I am hoping to raise the tuition of 4000$ with commissions, sales and illustration jobs. So doing this giveaway will also be a way for you helping me get more exposure to be able to realize that.

For now I am looking into having Uganda become reality. Anything that we raise over will go towards school and the van trip.

Also, there is a bonus entry when you share my instagram post in your story, or on facebook!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have. I’d love to share my heart and vision behind all of these dreams, but a short post doesn’t give it justice, so I would love to chat with you one on one!

So here we go!

You can choose different donation amounts:

$25 _ one entry

$50 _ three entries

$70 _ five entries

$100 _ ten entries

$150 _ fifteen entries

$200 _ twenty five entries

The first button “Silvia goes to Uganda” will get you directly to donate to my Uganda trip. Since this is a donation to PR12 directly, it will be tax deductible as well. (Also, if you want to give a different amount, just email me and we can calculate how many entries that makes ;)

In the awesome case it should spill over, meaning my Uganda trip is financed, but you still want to be in the draw for the painting, you can donate directly to the other dreams here:

Silvias other Adventures

Much love and gratitude,