Perdue en France - the tour

Sometimes you just gotta venture out and do something that might seem a little stupid at times, maybe a little risky and something you dreamed up in the moment. Still young, single and free, then what stops you?

My "adopted" little Norwegian brother, Rolf (check him out on instagram @rolfhellem_art) and I ventured on a trip to France during our Easter break, that had us drifting down the Atlantic coast on the hunt for waves. -To surf and to paint them. 

I have had this dream to someday own a camper van that I can turn into a plein air companion. So I can live in it, travel and paint where I go. Instead of the surfboard and wetsuit spaces, I would build in drying shelfs for canvases. (And maybe I would pick up surfing eventually, since it intrigues me much.) So, again, Ryanair sales and the whim of the moment and we had tickets to Paris. We rented the smallest camper van we could get, called him Jaques and drove him to our hearts content eventually even into Spain through the outskirts of the Pyrenees.

The weather was tricky and sometimes it was just raining and hard wind which made painting and even surfing difficult. But we still used our time well and I ended up with six small paintings and lots of good memories and camper dreams.

You can find some of my paintings now on for purchase!

Which one is your favourite?