Second year in Florence

... and it's already almost drawing to a close.

I haven't been updating this page at all. And so it becomes this circle. Because, who is actually reading this, or what is the prospect of someone stumbling over these words and caring about this content.

Yesterday I rode my bike along the Arno for the millions time, the air was a delight, the sun was kissing me and the city looked gorgeous in its pale sienna with the purple mountains as a backdrop. And in me formed the thought: Oh, I still really love you, Florence. Or maybe I am awakening to love you deeper. Very cheesy, I admit. But I am so often just gripped by the thought, that I love my life. And those moments are mostly on my bike, when I just realize, that I am living here and I am doing what I love. I simply get to learn to paint. And it is a delight. 

This second year had it's dark parts. I started of last fall with a double degree program with the Russian Art Academy in a so called "cooperation" (it seemed like they soon stopped their communication) with LABA -  Libera Academia delli belli arti. And I found myself in a hamster wheel that kept being spun from both sides until I finally collapsed before Easter in the shape of a severe cold, which simply took longer to recover from. It literally flt like a hamster wheel because coordinating both required a lot of biking from one end of the city to the other. Basically 9 - 21 days and the rest of my life was working out, making food, eating it and sleeping. So, thanks to the sickness I came to my senses and decided to quit LABA. Becuase it drained me and took my attention from the very thing I came to Florence for: painting. 

I am still grateful for the experience and will especially miss my amazing art history teacher. Learning photography and biking back late at night. But I am so much happier now. I am even writing this post, that no one will read and i don't care. I have energy again. i have more time. My whole week doesn't need to be planned in advance on the weekend. I can be social. My eyes are not lined with dark circles and my heart is full again with HIM, that I love and adore. I am so grateful to God. Just because. He caught me again. In a gently rapture like only he knows, how.

All that to say... hey, I am still here. I am still alive and more so, I am quite happy. I should probably stop talking and actually upload more photos...