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I’m Silvia,

an artist trained in the Russian school of classical painting in Florence. My focus is compositions of figure and landscape. With a vivid imagination I love developing paintings that seem part of a story, yet show the untold feeling therein.

Born with wanderlust on a farm in Northern Germany, I set out to explore the world and called many places home. I finally studied classical art in Florence and arrived in being an artist.

Working classically with a passion for the craft, yet being contemporary, I develop deep and playful compositions.

The west coast of Norway is my current home and the rough and majestic beauty never seizes to inspire me. Often I get ideas for a painting by exploring the outdoors for my big scale landscapes. 

My figure works are inspired by my faith and sometimes they just drop like playful ideas in my head while looking at someone and feeling the urge to capture and tell their story.

My paintings are done in oil in a traditional manner painted on high quality linen canvas. Some of my works incorporate metal leaf as decorative accents, or playful backgrounds.

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 Godøya painting 2020

Since 2020 I am living again in Ålesund, Norway 


Florence Classical Art Academy - FCAA, Florence, Italy - artac.org
2015 - 2018 | Bachelor of Fine Arts
Major in Painting, Drawing and Composition

Youth With A Mission Ålesund
2009 - 2010 | Fine Art Track participant
2010-2011 | Fine Art Track leade

diploma work

With my Diploma work from FCAA, 'Paul's shipwreck on Malta'


  • Painting in Oil and Watercolour
  • Classical Oil Painting
  • Drawing
  • Artistic Anatomy
  • Composition
  • Story boarding
  • Illustration
  • Photograph



2020  "Vinterhimmel" at Dråpe Kaffehus Ålesund
Large Landscape paintings from around Ålesund. Oil on linen with metal leaf
2019 "Beyond it All" Landscape Series at Grace Café, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

experimental Cloudscapes with metal leaf and plein air painting series

2018 "New Saints" - Portrait Series at Grace Café, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Conceptual 'Iconography' Portrait series in oil and gold leaf on wood panel.

2018 / 2019 Participant in various "Art Crawls" in Nashville and Franklin Tennessee, USA

Pop up Group Exhibitions

2018 Summer exhibition at Lyspunktet Café, Ålesund

collection of landscapes and conceptual piece "Isbjørnen Kong Valemon

2017 "Heads in the clouds" / Lyspunktet Café, Ålesund

Cloudscapes and conceptual figure works

2016 "Homage til Vestkysten"/ Lyspunktet Café, Ålesund

Landscape Series

2015 Large scale mixed media Portrait drawings, Neumünster, Germany

Pop up Exhibition in a church