human stories

Figure work

The greatest subject matter for me are humans.

I love capturing movement and expression, faces and the stories they tell. I am a realist and enjoy the study of anatomy to understand how to portray it with accuracy, yet artistic expression and selection. Here are some of my recent works and also some of my study drawings and paintings, which are mostly available through me.

"The Waiting" oil on linen 2019, available through the artist.


"Flamingo Dancer" oil and copper and silver leaf on linen


"Living with the Dove" Oil and silver leaf on linen, available through artist


Nude Study drawing in Charcoal, 50x70, available through artist


Nude study drawing in Sanguine 90x65, available through the artist


Portrait drawing Vanessa, 50x70, available through the artist


"Mother and child" oil painting, available 80x100


Study drawing male, Sepia on Paper, 100x70, available through artis