Sula i skya

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Oil on linen with silver leaf. 163x82 cm


I see Sulafjellet from my window and since 2009, when I first moved to Ålesund, I loved the wind shaped surface of these mountains. I often catch myself just following the wave like movements , tracing them so they are imprinted on my memory.

this is my first painting where I attempt to catch these waves and the way the clouds often dig into them.

It was the first snow, after the top of the mountains came out of the clouds again.

I added Silver leaf in the clouds and depending on the way the light falls on the painting, it will reflect beautifully.

It is an elongated piece and will fit very well over a couch, a bed or table along a wall.

It comes with a simple gallery frame, which can be easily changed, if that is desirable, depending on your interior. 

If you need help imagining a painting in your space, don't hesitate to contact me!